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The Great Barrier Reef belongs to all of us and it's our privilege and responsibility to protect it. That's why we are are calling on small businesses from all over the world to help us fund our next research expedition through the #oneforthereef campaign. The best part? By supporting us you are essentially supporting hundreds of other projects through our unique collaborative model.

What You Give
  • A one-off $1000 donation (tax-deductible) – 100% of your money goes towards supporting science and education on the expedition.
  • Create a 20 second 'pledge video' stating why you are joining the movement for us to share on our social media (optional).
What You Get
  • Your logo proudly displayed on our website and expedition videos (our last expedition had a combined reach of over 5 million!).
  • Your 'pledge video' shared across our social media
  • A colour poster so you can show others you have made a difference.
  • Knowing you have done something simple and meaningful to save the world largest living structure on Earth!
  • Enter a draw to win a trip to the reef hosted by us.

For more info on the campaign or to get involved contact

#OneForTheReef Supporters

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