Great Barrier Reef Legacy Receive Surprise $50K Donation
4 March 2019
Newsport — Victoria Stone-Meadows

A surprise $50K donation from Karmagawa, an American philanthropic organisation, will be put towards purchasing a research vessel in order to better monitor and support the Great Barrier Reef. Information is also given on a new documentary filmed by the orginisation which features GBR Legacy.

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Scientists Discover 'Most Diverse Coral Site' on Great Barrier Reef
7 December 2018
EcoWatch — Lorraine Chow

Coverage on our encouraging discovery of the most diverse coral site on the Great Barrier Reef by the GBR Legacy team and reef expert Charlie Veron

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Scientists say most diverse coral site ever seen on Great Barrier Reef discovered
7 December 2018
The Guardian — Lisa Cox

Article on our latest research expedition, Search for Solutions, and the exciting news and implications of finding the most diverse coral site ever recorded on the Great Barrier Reef!

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Setting sail to save the Great Barrier Reef
21 November 2018
The University of Queensland News

An article by the University of Queensland discussing the importance of GBR Legacy's newest expedition, Search for Solutions, highlighting the citizen science, educational programs and media that are crucial elements of the expedition.

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Corals are animals - and they are dying
30 October 2018
UnitedLife Magazine — Daniela Piršelová

Scroll to page 30 to read an article about Great Barrier Reef Legacy written by a Slovakian magazine all about our first research expedition, Search for the Super Corals!

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Underwater drone reveals important secrets of the Great Barrier Reef
1 August 2018
Afloat Magazine

Learn more about how GBR Legacy used the Blueye Pioneer, underwater drone, to learn more about new areas of the Great Barrier Reef that have previously been unreachable.

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'Environment is our economy': Tourism wakes up to a reef in peril
6 July 2018
WA Today — Peter Hannam

Story on recent changes on the Great Barrier Reef due to 2016 and 2017 bleaching events, as well as recognition by the Association of Marine Park Tourism Operators that a more public stance on climate change needs to be taken.

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Data for good: Using data to help preserve our world
19 April 2018
IT Brief — Bob Yang

An overview of how data is helping to solve problems that will preserve our world, with mention of GBR Legacy and the importance of our findings from the search for the super corals expedition in November

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'Wasteful stunt': Turnbull government accused of doing too little to save reef
22 January 2018
The Sydney Morning Herald — Peter Hannam

Turnbull government has pledged $60 million to help improve the Great Barrier Reef, with insufficient money going towards the largest threat to the reef: climate change. Read the full article to learn more about the promised pledge and see images provided by GBR Legacy

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Coast academic has a bird's eye view of the reef
6 January 2018
Sunshine Coast Daily

Article on Dr. Javier Leon from the University of the Sunshine Coast, and one of GBR Legacy's researchers on the Super Coral Expedition, describing his observations and excitement on the expedition

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New coral species discovered in endangered Great Barrier Reef
12 December 2017
ABC Radio — George Roberts

Radio interview by ABC featuring GBR Legacy's Director John Rumney and Dr. Charlie Veron, announcing the discovery of a new species of coral found during the Super Coral Expedition. Click the link to listen to the full 3 minute interview!

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'Super corals' may offer ailing Great Barrier Reef some 'breathing space'
10 December 2017
The Sydney Morning Herald — Peter Hannam

Updates from the Great Barrier Reef Legacy Super Coral Expedition, including the highlight of the discovery of a new species of coral by Dr. Charlie Veron

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Coral makes rare charter flight
24 November 2017
Australian Institute of Marine Science

Press release by AIMS describing the transportation of the 'super corals' collected during the expedition and flown back to Townsville to the National Sea Simulator to spawn

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Great Barrier Reef: Scientists set sail on 'pivotal' research mission to save coral
17 November 2017
ABC News — George Roberts

Our Super Corals Expedition has officially begun, beginning a major research mission that aims to save the Great Barrier Reef from further damage!

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Could ‘Super Corals’ be a Game Changer for Great Barrier Reef?
10 November 2017
Newsport — Mark Murray

Great article by Newsport about our upcoming super corals expedition, including GBR Legacy's video on the details of the expedition

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Blueye Robotics Launches the Deepest Underwater Explorer Drone in Australia for Consumers and Professionals
9 November 2017
Business Wire

Launch of the new Blueye Robotics Pioneer underwater drone, with special mention of their collaboration GBR Legacy and the use of the drone during the Super Corals Expedition

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Thanks to this Underwater Drone, Australian Scientists are Exploring New Areas of the Great Barrier Reef
9 November 2017
Gizmodo — Rae Johnston

Article on Great Barrier Reef Legacy's partnership with Blueye, and the use of their underwater drone during the Super Corals Expedition

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Hunt for 'super corals' aims to help Great Barrier Reef survive climate change
8 November 2017
The Sydney Morning Herald — Peter Hannam

Further updates on the Super Coral Expedition, with highlights on researchers who will be onboard and comments from our major financial sponsor.

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There's still time to save the Great Barrier Reef from dying
20 October 2017
Cnet — Michelle Starr, Daniel Boom

Discussion on efforts to save the Great Barrier Reef, with mention of Great Barrier Reef Legacy. Detailed numbers on climate change, the size of the Great Barrier Reef and why it is important ecologically and economically.

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Midnight Oil’s Rob Hirst talks about reuniting with his band mates for their Great Circle world tour
14 October 2017
Herald Sun — Kathy McCabe

Article on the reunion tour of Midnight Oil, with special mention of their final leg in Australia including their benefit performance in Cairns for Great Barrier Reef Legacy.

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Midnight Oil Kick off Tour with Musical Protest Against Adani Mine, Damage to the Great Barrier Reef
25 September 2017 — Kathy McCabe

Australian band Midnight Oil to kick off their reunion tour in Cairns as a benefit to the Great Barrier Reef, all proceeds raised from the event will be donated to Great Barrier Reef Legacy.

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"The Godfather of Coral" Joins Reef Research Expedition
11 August 2017
Newsport — Howard Salkow

Charlie Veron, the world's leading expert on coral reefs, has committed to joining a Great Barrier Reef Legacy expedition to determine the health and study the resilience of the remote northern reef ecosystem.

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Tourism Industry Funds Research Trip to Most Damaged Part of Great Barrier Reef
10 August 2017
The Guardian — Michael Slezak

Great Barrier Reef Legacy will launch a 21-day research expedition funded by the tourism industry to undertake the first significant study of the remote northern sections of the Great Barrier Reef. The expedition is offering at least 10 free spaces for scientists to conduct research, will search for the more resilient "super corals", and will assess the damage from the mass bleaching events that have occurred over the past two summers.

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Great Barrier Reef Legacy – Science for Solutions
1 August 2017

An article in Ecotone magazine about Great Barrier Reef Legacy and the threat of climate change to our reefs. Includes an introduction to the research expedition scheduled for November 2017 to find more heat resilient corals with Dr. Charlie Veron. Turn to page 10 for the full article.

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The Great Barrier Reef: Peril and Hope
14 April 2017
GEO France — Mathilde Saljougui

French article on the mass bleaching phenomenon on the Great Barrier Reef, its current state, and what can be done to save it.

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Great Barrier Reef Tourism Headed for Tough Times as Coral Bleaching Worsens
19 March 2017
Sydney Morning Herald — Peter Hannam

Coral bleaching and its effects on tourism industry, including a video of Richard Fitzpatrick from James Cook University explaining coral bleaching.

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Alarming New Coral Bleaching Event has Begun at the Great Barrier Reef
22 February 2017
Truthout — Dahr Jamail

Another bleaching event is occurring at the Great Barrier Reef, with an explanation on the process of bleaching and the impact of the previous year's bleaching event. John Rumney explains the seriousness and significance of another bleaching event.

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Business Leaders to Dish Up Feast of Ideas at Forum
17 February 2017
Newsport — Howard Salkow

Douglas Shire Council's Business Forum, mentioning Dr. Dean Miller and John Rumney from Great Barrier Reef Legacy as high profile speakers. John Rumney received an Australia Day Award as Douglas Citizen of the Year.

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Trinity Anglican School Students Help Reef Blitz Studies off Cairns
30 October 2016
The Cairns Post — Alicia Nally

Cairns school students are participating in a citizen science project called ReefBlitz, in which they help survey coral diversity, coral cover and collect wildlife data. Mossman school students and members of the Port Douglas community have also joined Great Barrier Reef Legacy marine biologists to participate in ReefBlitz.

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Revisiting the Reef with The Climate Council
13 October 2016
The Climate Council

The Climate Council's video about the current dangers to the Great Barrier Reef, including comments from Legacy's John Rumney. Watch the full video here.

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Port Douglas Sends Reef Message to Leonardo Dicaprio in Viral Video
9 October 2016
The Cairns Post — Kimberley Vlasic

The launch of Great Barrier Reef Legacy's campaign to involve Leonardo DiCaprio in it's movement to raise funds for an independent research vessel to take scientists and researchers to the Great Barrier Reef.

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Simon’s Visit to the Reef
28 September 2016

Simon visits the Great Barrier Reef with John Rumney to see what shape the reef is in. He sees that around 30 per cent of the reef he visits is quite unhealthy. There is potential for the reef to recover but this requires cooler temperatures, which requires us to reduce our use of fossil fuels.

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The Great Barrier Reef’s ‘New Normal’ is a Forlorn Sight
22 September 2016
Australian Geographic — Lesley Hughes

The author investigates first hand the extent of the damage to reefs near Port Douglas inflicted by bleaching, in company with John Rumney and Dean Miller along with the Climate Council's Amanda Mackenzie and Tim Flannery. Details bleaching and the prospects for reef recovery. Government inaction on climate change does not bode well for the future of the Great Barrier Reef.

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Legacy want Leonardo Dicaprio to Join Reef Fight in Port Douglas
21 September 2016
Newsport — Mark Murry

Invitation to Leonardo DiCaprio to join Great Barrier Reef Legacy and visit the reef himself to see the challenges it is really facing.

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Leonardo DiCaprio: Great Barrier Reef is Being Devastated
21 September 2016
National Geographic — Cassie Crofts

Discusses National Geographic's Climate Change documentary, Before the Flood, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio. Great Barrier Reef Legacy's John Rumney invites Leonardo to see the reef for himself.

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‘It’s a Depressing Sight’: Climate Change Unleashes Ghostly Death on Great Barrier Reef
21 September 2016
The Guardian — Michael Slezak

Great Barrier Reef Legacy's John Rumney takes a film crew to what had been a site he used to take filmmakers to see, for the best examples of vibrant coral colonies with the biggest variety of life and coral structures in many stages. Now it just shows the devastating effects of coral bleaching. Details the death of corals due to coral bleaching. Includes videos showing bleached coral and also rotting coral some time later - an eerie coral graveyard.

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Worst Bleaching on Reef for 40 Years?
20 September 2016
4CA — Murray Jones (Presenter)

Interview with John Rumney in which he discusses the extent of the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef, and the need for change in regard to gas emissions in order to save our reefs. Listen to his interview here.

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Review of Australia’s Marine Reserves Recommends Winding Back Protections
8 September 2016
ABC Radio National — RN Breakfast

A government review of Australia's marine reserves has seen a large reduction in the Coral Sea's protected areas. John Rumney discusses the extraordinary environment and species to be found at locations such as Osprey Reef in the Coral Sea, and why such places should be protected. Click here to view full episode.

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Reef Love
1 September 2016
7 News Cairns — Brianna Piazza

John Rumney and Dean Miller launch Great Barrier Reef Legacy to raise funds for a research vessel to be made available to scientists to monitor the health of the Great Barrier Reef. Click to watch full video on Facebook here.

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From Undersea to Legacy
1 September 2016
Port Douglas Magazine — Mark Murray

Feature article on Great Barrier Reef Legacy, why it has been formed and what are its goals. Recognising the Great Barrier Reef is in serious trouble due to climate change, one of the biggest issues for scientists and researchers in studying the reef is access and the prohibitive amount it costs. Great Barrier Reef Legacy's goal is to provide a state of the art self-funded, long-range research vessel providing berths to students and researchers at no cost. A detailed article on the what, how and why of Great Barrier Reef Legacy. Scroll to page 16 for the full article.

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The Monolith
28 August 2016
Youtube — Great Barrier Reef Legacy

John Rumney talks about his history with the Great Barrier Reef and specifically the coral colony called 'The Monolith', an incredibly old and large coral colony. Sadly it is dying due to warming ocean temperatures. Watch the full video here.

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Great Barrier Reef at Crisis Point as Australia Goes to Polls
26 June 2016
BuzzFeed — Simon Crerar

Details the distressing outlook for the Great Barrier Reef without urgent action from the Australian Government to address the many issues it faces. Comments from scientists including Professor Charlie Veron and Great Barrier Reef Legacy's John Rumney.

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The reef was my workplace and I knew so little about it. Then I started asking questions.
7 June 2016
The Guardian — John Rumney

John Rumney tells about the 40 years he has spent living and working on the Great Barrier Reef, initially fishing and then as a charter boat operator. Eventually he started taking scientists and researchers to the reef. From there he learned a lot about the coral and marine life, and started noticing negative changes occurring on the reef. He is keen to do something to save the reef and its marine life before it is too late.

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Citizen Scientists Help Track Coral Bleaching Across Great Barrier Reef
11 April 2016
ABC Radio National — Courtney Wilson

CoralWatch is a citizen science project in which an army of underwater explorers are helping Professor Justin Marshall from the University of Queensland track the damage of bleaching coral. John Rumney stresses the importance of getting tourists involved to do more than just passively observe, so that they connect, spread the word and develop a sense of ownership of the reef. Listen to the full article here.

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